Presenting Virtual Office

Technology has changed the culture of the traditional office and mail management environment in the 21st Century. People are considerably more Mobile and travel frequently also. Email has replaced Snail Mail, but a physical address is still always needed!

Imagine you are travelling frequently, working on board a ship, oil rig or a remote location, for example in Africa or somewhere in the third world where the Mail service simply does not work or for reasons known only to you, it's desirable to camouflage your location for privacy! Virtual Office provides an excellent confidential service to cater for the needs of all of these circumstances. 

For business Virtual Office works great too! The need to state a correspondence Company address still remains and there is always the odd occasion when one absolutely needs to hold a meeting or covertly work in an equipped private office for a day or even take advantage of traditional office facilities and services. 

Virtual Office Cyprus provides an innovative and confidential solution that empowers small businesses that do not want to state their home address as a contact for obvious reasons. Our service is ideal also for frequent Travellers, Consultants, Shipboard Crew, Online Teachers, Therapists, Psychologists and more profiles besides, to manage professional and personal Mail, without the high price tag of renting an office or apartment.

Virtual Office features a range of services including....
  • Registered Company Address in Limassol, Cyprus
  • European Mail Reception including Courier, Amazon, E Bay
  • Forwarding of mail
  • Fax Reception and Forwarding
  • Digital Document management, scanning and forwarding, also cloud storage
Virtual Office Cyprus is located in the prestigious Port city of Limassol, the most important Tourism, Trade, Commerce and service-providing centre in Cyprus. 

We offer Confidentiality, Privacy and the convenience of mail management, at a fraction of the cost or renting or managing ones own office.

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